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Top Reasons For Visiting Dayton Ohio Sooner Rather Than Later

Summer time is nearly here! Tourism will begin to peak once more and you will definitely want to get in on the fun. Instead of planning a vacation to Disneyland or one of the cliché destinations, you should consider planning a unique trip to Dayton, Ohio. What makes the city worthwhile for travelers? You’ll find out below! EZ Dayton Junk Removal

Dayton Art Institute

If you’re interested in exploring some masterful works of art, you’ll want to look no further than the Dayton Art Institute. In 2007, the museum received over 300,000 visitors! It also ranks in the top three percentage amongst all North American museums. Suffice to say, you and your family will absolutely love the experience and will be able to view some of the world’s most amazing masterpieces in person.

A Little Bit Of Hockey

If you’re a fan of sports and especially love hockey, you’ll be happy to know that Dayton is home to the Hara Arena. Throughout the years, this historic 5,500-seat area was utilized for various purposes and hosted many teams, including the Dayton Ice Bandits, Dayton Owls and the Dayton Jets. Today, it is home to the Dayton Demolition. The team is a member of the Federal Hockey League and they always put on a thrilling display. Be sure to check them out, when you’re in the area.

The Loft Theatre

It can be fairly rare to be able to experience a live performance in today’s society. Special effects and big budget films enamor too many people. If you wish to step back in time and experience a live performance, you’ll definitely want to book a trip to the Loft Theatre. The establishment is home to many plays, as well as musical theatre. The Human Race Theatre Company puts the majority of the performances together. The group does an excellent job and always entertains.

Automotive History

Do you want to learn about the history of the automobile? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out Dayton’s Packard Museum. The museum focuses entirely on the historic Packard dealership. In fact, the building was previously used by the dealership, before it was transformed into a museum. The attractions and exhibits within are truly a treat and will be sure to satisfy your entire family.

Dayton International Peace Museum

Dayton’s International Peace Museum is an absolute must for everyone visiting Dayton. The museum explores some of the most inspiration events in history and attempts to help children and adults discover nonviolent ways to overcome society’s culture of violence. Be sure to bring the kids, because they’ll love it!