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Are you producing waste that needs to be eliminated according to your municipality’s garbage disposal regulations? Did you realize that every person, company, public facility, government agency industrial facilities produce waste? In some instances, they produce trash each hour, every hour. Even if you spend every waking hour in your house for the next week, you’ll have at least two bags of home garbage. It is a fact that there is no way to stop generating waste, regardless of your determination.

How Much Trash Do You Generate Each Day?

Do you frequently drive across the country? If yes, the next time you visit, you should mentally assess the roads for garbage evidence. In rural areas, less trash is thrown out along public roads compared with cities, metropolia, and urban zones. Why is this? Think about it, there is a higher amount of human activity in built-up zones, in contrast to rural areas, where population density is lower.

In 2018, The United States generated 292.4 million tons of waste. Each person in the United States generated 4.9 pounds of waste in 2018, per the US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA.”

How To Reduce Your Monthly Waste Collection Bill?

Would you like to reduce the cost of your monthly garbage collection by at least 50 percent? The answer is yes, make a few lifestyle adjustments. Like every other human on earth, you generate some trash. The volume of trash one creates changes continuously. In one month, you generate 4.20 pounds of waste, the next month, you produce slightly more at 4.50 pounds. Can you maintain a consistent amount of garbage you throw away daily? Sure, but it will not be effortless.

With strong dedication, anyone can reduce their waste production by at least 25. Of course, it won’t be easy, but it is possible If you commit to it. The payoff is less waste collection costs.

Our Cost-Efficient Waste Collection Services?

Are you unable to find the resources – time, transportation, or workforce- to bring your household waste to the local municipal disposal or transfer facility? If some do not access essential waste disposal resources and facilities, they often look at other options. Unfortunately, a few will take the initiative to toss their garbage into illegal dumping sites. You’ll be stunned by the volume of waste found in unlawful dump sites each year in the United States.

It is estimated that about 1.5 million tons of garbage are dumped in unauthorized areas across the United States alone. The types of waste found in illegal dumps are a variety of old furniture, appliances, food containers, scrap foods, building materials, clothing, toys grooming products, and tires.

To prevent illegal waste dumping, we have joined forces with municipal authorities to offer accessible collection services. We believe our garbage pickup service can help tackle illegal dumping in our communities.

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